7 Creative Business Naming Brainstorming Tips

7 Creative Business Naming Brainstorming Tips

7 Creative Business Naming Brainstorming Tips

While it is not un-usual for businesses to update their brand or, many years after their establishment or even an overhaul, it’s not common for companies to alter their names simply because they’ve become bored with it. When it comes to business name naming, you’re looking for something that will last for a long time. This is why the name-changing process is crucial.

If you would have found yourself in a bind regarding the name of your business, here are some ideas for brainstorming the business name you want to choose.

You could also use our business generator tool name to develop some fascinating concepts for your company.

Seven tips for business naming

Are you looking for an appropriate business name for your brand-new business but don’t know what to do? Take a look at these creative name ideas.

  1. Make a Word dump.
  2. Try a different spelling.
  3. Make use of a thesaurus.
  4. Create an e-board for mood.
  5. Play with other languages.
  6. Take for a drive.
  7. Conduct the focus group.

Are you unsure which strategy works best for you? Then keep reading. You could use one or several options for your next meeting to brainstorm.

7 Creative Business Naming Brainstorming Tips

1. Do an exercise in word dump

Choose a blank piece of paper. Or, if you’re feeling brave, buy one of those massive sticky notepads and stick it on a wall. Then, you’re prepared to write.

Do not let your brain wander around throughout the length of time. It is possible it is better to set your thoughts for a particular period (we suggest one minute). By placing a limit on time, whatever ideas you think of will be released without censorship.

Word dump (aka note down) everything you could think of related to your company — and don’t be afraid to share your thoughts. Don’t fret that something isn’t clear or isn’t in complete alignment with your business. Create a free creative name to brainstorm and explore what you can create.

If thinking out of the blue is not your thing Think of as many possible words as you can under these various categories: feelings, words, people, verbs, and aesthetics. If it’s easier for you to do this, have separate brainstorming sessions on names for each category.

Do you need more help? Here are few questions to support you to get your process of naming started:


  • What are you hoping your potential customers to be feeling about your products?
  • What kinds of emotions do you need to avoid (or) what issue do you have to solve?


  • What steps do your consumers need to take to complete a task?
  • What is your team required to accomplish each day to provide a service?


  • Who are your most frequent customers?
  • What is their age?
  • What kind of interests does your ideal target audience share?


  • What colors can be associated with the emotions you mentioned in the previous paragraph?
  • What would you see like if you were required to decorate a room to promote your company?

2. Try a different spelling

After you’ve compiled your imaginative list of lists to brainstorm, take a moment and review every page. Make sure to highlight those which stand out. One method to deal with business names is to start with a single word, then change its spelling to create a stand-out. Take Tumblr or Toggl For instance. Make sure that when youngest’s name can be straightforward.

When you choose this option, alter the spelling; however, your customers should be able to recognize your company’s name.

Remember that if you use unique words, when users attempt to find your business, they may make a mistake and end-up in a different place. They might not even see your business in the first place. Take into consideration all factors before making your final decision.

3. Make use of a thesaurus

Suppose you’ve decided to skip the spelling option. In that case, an innovative business name brainstorming technique is to look over the words you have highlighted and look for like-minded words or phrases within a thesaurus. The search for similar words could stimulate your intellectual juices and allow you to invent something that is even more creative.

When you’re perusing the plethora of words in a thesaurus, a word of guidance to the wise does not wander off the beaten path.

Avoid the high school essay blunders that involve starting with a simple word, going seven degrees away from, and ending up with a term that has a different meaning than the original word. If you come across the correct synonym, check whether the word you initially used is on your new word’s synonym list.

4. Create a mood board

Do you need something more visually pleasing? Think about business names using a picture board. If you think best when you can manipulate things physically, take a pile of magazines from the past, cut out words, images, or words and people who are in tune with your company.

If you believe magazines aren’t enough, Try an online mood board with Pinterest.

Create a brand new Pinterest account, create one with a board (you can choose to make it private or public), then begin exploring fun images and quotes that best reflect your company. What’s the best thing about Pinterest when compared to magazines? It allows you to find what you’re looking for.

5. Have fun with languages other than your own.

If the word enthralls you, but you’ve discovered that the domain isn’t available, try finding an alternative term that is a translation. A simple comment in a different language could solve your business name idea.

If you choose this route, ensure that your name is pretty easy to pronounce. While finding a unique business name is good, names that make people scratch their heads and say, “What?” is not a good idea for a successful business.

If you discover an exciting translation, run it by someone who can speak the language fluently and ask them if your specific word has any other meanings. Although Google Translate can be an absolute godsend, it can’t identify if a phrase is used to describe an informal slang term. Be sure to do your homework and stay clear of offensive words.

6. Go for a drive

No matter how much we don’t realize it, our brains constantly buzzing with ideas and thoughts while driving. If you sense stuck, one of the most effective methods to get your mind off it and stimulate creative ideas is to go on an extended drive.

Before embarking on your brainstorming spree, prepare yourself for success.

If you can think more clearly when playing instrumental tunes, make a playlist to play while driving. If you are the best at bouncing ideas off someone you know, invite a friend who’s willing to sit in your car and ponder business names with you (and maybe even buy lunch for them to show your appreciation). If you are able, go away from the city. It isn’t easy to think of business names when you’re always shouting in the traffic and trying not to annoy motorists. When you (literally) discover the best way, close your windows, play your music or chat with your pal, and then think.

Note: You are driving. Therefore, taking notes won’t cut it unless you choose to park in a place. Instead, you can use the good old Siri or Google Assistant and ask them to write the letters you’ve made for yourself.

7. Conduct a focus group

Sometimes, the most effective concepts come when there are other people present. Conducting a mini-focus gathering can allow you to think of names for your business from scratch or narrow your choices in case you already have some company names in mind.

When making the focus group ensure that you diversify the participants. Incorporating people with too similar interests and attitudes could lead to a groupthink mindset. Be sure that your group includes diverse age groups, genders, ethnicities, career sectors, and personalities. While you may wish to keep out the person who is always spouting off crude jokes, they might be a hindrance to using a name for your business which could become an unintentional meme down the way.

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